Consciousness is What I Am by Joel S. Goldsmith (Softcover)
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Consciousness is What I Am by Joel S. Goldsmith (Softcover)

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There is much contemporary interest in the subject of consciousness, and Consciousness Is What I Amaddresses the most important and least understood aspects of consciousness – what it is and how it can be opened to Truth. Beginning with the principles of the nature of God and the nature of man, Goldsmith ushers the reader progressively deeper into the secrets of consciousness, revealing how we can attain the highest states of consciousness through meditation and practice.

The book points out the landmarks that suggest advancing consciousness as well as the possible pitfalls for the seeker. Once the seeker experiences the universal Christ-Consciousness, Goldsmith says, he will find fulfillment, peace, rest, refreshment, and joy, and be free of the shadows and illusions of the material world. Consciousness Is What I Am shows the reader that the real man is not the physical body, but the consciousness that governs it. In other words, Consciousness is what I am.