The Gift of Love by Joel S. Goldsmith (Softcover)
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The Gift of Love by Joel S. Goldsmith (Softcover)

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There are many misconceptions of what love really is, and The Gift of Love will do much to dispel these false concepts and reveal the true meaning of love. The Gift of Love includes a wedding talk given by Joel Goldsmith as well as his carefully chosen thoughts on the nature, meaning, and possibilities of love. This beautiful volume simply yet insightfully presents the power that love holds to transform us and our world. Goldsmith invites us to see love as a gift that has already been given, a gift that becomes manifest at the very center of life. He shows us how love is the universal medium through which we can come to recognize the pure Christ in every person and every situation.

The Gift of Love gives words of inspiration to the newly married and reveals the special quality of wedded love, which can be the answer to many marital problems. But this book is really for everyone who wants to expand their understanding of love. As Goldsmith says, “Our first and foremost task is to fill our consciousness with love, forgiveness, gratitude, praise, loyalty, and devotion, not only to God, but to our neighbor as well. We must heal and cleanse ourselves until we become transparencies through which God’s love reaches the earth.”