The Search for Serenity and How to Achieve it by Lewis F. Presnall (Softcover)
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The Search for Serenity and How to Achieve it by Lewis F. Presnall (Softcover)

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When Lewis Presnall’s The Search for Serenity and How to Achieve It was originally published  in 1959, there was no publication party or PR campaign. There were no advertisements and of  course no postings on Facebook or Twittter. And yet the book—which was originally published by an AA chapter—has sold tens of thousands of copies; its only publicity has been through friends or relatives telling other friends or relatives that they have to read it too. Over the years the book has transcended the AA/self-help book genre to  become a touchstone for many thousands of readers from a variety of backgrounds. 
For over half a century Presnall’s advice and wisdom has changed lives, and they still  resonate today. He shows us that serenity is truly a choice—as is misery. You do not need to feel trapped by your emotions, and in The Search for Serenity and How to Achieve It, you will learn how you can purge your despair to change the way you feel. It all begins with self-analysis and awareness. This guide goes beyond self-help—it sets you on the road to long-term spiritual  growth that brings clear insight and reflection. Presnall’s words offer comprehensive tools to combat several obstacles including depression, addiction, stress, and other negative emotional habits. Presnall has provided an enduring and encouraging guide for taking control of our lives and finding contentment and enjoyment.